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Abbott Laboratories - Scanning Probe Microscopy

Askland Scientific - Quality instruments for diagnostic and laboratory services, California based.

Amateur Microscopy - forum for exchanging microscopy information and photomicrographs

Ames Research Center, NASA - Biocomputation Center

ANL - Microscopy and Microanalysis WWW Server

Antwerp, University of - Centre for Electron Microscopy for Materials Research

Argonne National Laboratory - Microscopy and Microanalysis WWW, Argonne National Laboratory

ARS Machina - visual history/timeline of microscope developments

Auburn University - Stephen C Kempf 

Australian National University - Electron Microscopy Unit, Australian National University 

A-Z Microscopes - brief timeline of the microscope

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Basel University - From bones to atoms: Imaging nature across dimension

Billings Collection - The Billings Microscope Collection at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in DC

Boerhaave National Museum of the History of Science and Medicine (Leiden) - microscope collection

Bowling Green State University - Algal Microscopy and Image Digitization Home Page

British Columbia, University of - 3-D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy 

Brunel Microscopes - Brunel Microscopes

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California State University:
Electron optics and microanalysis
Prosobranchia gastropod image

Cambridge, University of - Bernie Breton - Cambridge University Engineering Department

Canadian Association of Palynologists - Home page

Capovani Brothers - wide variety of used microscopes for sale

Cardiff University - Diatom and desmid identification site

Centre for Electron Microscopy (CIME) - Home Page

Centre for Scientific Computing - CSC Visualization Group, Visualizations and Animations done at CSC

CMPMedica's Diagnostic Imaging Site - Molecular Imaging

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Delft University of Technology - Particle Optics Research Group

DVC Company - DVC Company

Steve Durr's Web site - An introduction to photomicrography with many good photos of protozoa, algae and bacteria

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East Anglia, University of - Gmmc, Geotechnical Microanalysis and Micromorphology Centre 

Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne - Welcome to the homepage of the Group for Nanomechanics: Spectroscopy and Imaging

Edge 3-D - Imaging High end high power 3-D Microscopy

Electron Microscopy Yellow Pages - links to electron microcopy sites

Electrophoresis Simultation - from Rochester Institute of Technology

Elettra Synchrotron Radiation Facility - Elettra Synchrotron Radiation Facility 

Energy Beam Sciences Inc - Energy Beam Sciences Inc 

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Fisher Scientific - Catalogue of supplies

Florida State University - Microscapes - Images from the microscope 

Florida, University of - Electron Microscopy Core Laboratory

Frank Fox - personal micro-and macro photography site

Foldscope - optical microscope designed by Standford Univ assembled from a punched sheet of cardstock, capable of 2000x

Frascati Centre for Nuclear Research - Istituto di Struttura della Materia del CNR

Freiburg University - Images of the Drosophila Nervous System

Fritz-Haber-Institut - Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

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Gatan Inc - Gatan, Welcome 

GEK Inc - GEK Inc

The Gemmary's:
Main Website
Antique Scientific Instrument Forum

George - large collection of vintage microscopes, other instruments and photomicrographs from the MSSC membership

Golub Collection - USC Berkeley's collection of antique microscopes from the 18th and 19th centuries

Goteborg University - Presentation of current projects at MedNet

Great Lakes - catalog of the inventory of diatoms of the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America

Groningen, University of - University of Groningen Department of Chemistry - Electron Microscopy Group

Guelph, University of - Welcome to the Botany Department, University of Guelph 

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Harvard University - Harvard Medical School - Campus Services Machine Shop

Hawaii, University of:
Biological Electron Microscope Facility
University of Hawaii, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

Hitachi Instruments Inc - Hitachi Instruments 

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IBM Almaden Research Center - IBM, The Visualization Lab, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

IBM Kiosk for Education (IKE) - Higher Ed Images

Illinois, University of:
Center for Microanalysis of Materials
Electron Microscope Facility
The Fractal 'Microscope'

Indiana University - Paleolimnology & Diatom Home Page

Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences, University of Glasgow - Electron Microscopy Unit 

Institute of Food Research - Scanning Probe Microscopy Home Page

Institute and Museum of the History of Science, Florence, Italy - online microscope exhibition

Interface Analysis Centre - Interface Analysis Centre

Iowa State University - Iowa State University, Materials Science and Engineering, Scanning Electron Microscopy 

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Jeol USA Inc - Welcome to JEOL USA, Inc

J & H Microscope Service, Inc - Home Page

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions - Microscope Facility 

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine - Welcome to Jan Hoh's Laboratory 

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Klaus Kemp - Diatoms

Keele University - Electron Microscopy Unit

Kochi University - Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Kochi University 

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Laboratoire de Minralogie-Cristallographie - Minralogie-Cristallographie Paris - Welcome to the LMCP's WWW server. 

Lancaster, University of - The Scanning Probe Microscopies Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory:
Imaging and Distributed Computing Group

National Center for Electron Microscopy

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - X-ray tomographic microscopy 

Leica AG - Leica

Light Microscopy Forum - light microscopy photos and links

Liverpool University - High performance field emission scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM): VG601UX at Liverpool

Loes Modderman's photomicrogrpahy site.

London, University of - Birkbeck College, Department of Crystallography Home Page

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitt Mnchen - Scanning Probe Microscopy of DNA Molecules

Lund University - Lund University, Electron Microscopy Unit at the Medical faculty 

Lundy Collection - The Lundy Antique Microscope Collection at Technical Instruments

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Madrid, Universidad Autonoma de - Microscope 3D Data Base

Manchester University:
Confocal Microscope Facility
Dr. Nick Heyes

Massachusetts, University of - Research Facilities 

Max-Planck-Institut fr Biochemie - Electron Microscopy, Max-Planck-Institut fr Biochemie 

MD Scientific - MD Scientific

MeCan Imaging Inc- suppliers of microscopes and accessories. Website also includes advice on how to setup your camera and microscopes to use with their adapters

Media Cybernetics LP - Welcome to Media Cybernetics' Home Page

Jeroen Meeusen - collection of Nachet microscopes

Melbourne, University of - Welcome to the Diffraction Physics Research Laboratory 

Materials Analytical Services - Materials Analytical Services 

Metal Ravne d.o.o. - Welcome to the Home Page of the SEM-EDS Laboratory at Metal Ravne d.o.o. in the Slovenia

Olaf Medenbach -site covering optical crystallography, petrographic microscopy, spindle stage – universal stage, instrument design and antique mineralogical instruments

Michigan, University of:
Electron Microscopy Society
Microbeam Analysis Laboratory
Materials and Microcharacterization WWW Pages

MicroDataware - Welcome to MicroDataware

MicroLinks! - interesting links into the Micro-World

Microscope Historical Society Journal - Home page

Microscopical Society of Canada - Home page

Microscopy Info:
Guide to Microscopes and Microscopy, an annotated listing of websites
Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy and 2 Photon

Microscopy Online - Microscopy Online

Microscopy Society of America - home page

Microscopy-UK - home page
MICSCAPE online magazine - Bringing our World a Little Closer
Pond Life Identification Kit

MicroWorld Resources and News - MicroWorld Resources and News 

Minnesota, University of - BOB, 3-D Graphics Software

Mississippi State University - Electron Microscope Center

Missouri, University of - UM-StL Scanned Tip and Electron Image Lab

Modern Microscopy - a free web journal for the professional microscopist, managed by the staff of The McCrone Group, Westmont, Illinois.

Molecular Dynamics - Confocal Microscopy

Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer
Introduction to Microscopy
How to Setup A Microscope

Molecular Imaging Corporation - Welcome to Molecular Imaging!

Montreal, University of - Protist images, University of Montreal

Moody Medical Library - collection of historical microscopes

Museum of Paleontology, University of California:
Microfossil type collection
Other microbial collections

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Nanoprobes Inc - Welcome to the Nanoprobes WWW Site

NanoTools - NanoTools: The Homebrew STM Page

Naples, University of - Museum of the Physics Department, Historical microscopes

National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications - Remote microscopy

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - Differential Surface Composition Analysis by Multiple-Voltage Electron Beam X-Ray Spectroscopy

National Institute of Standards and Technology - Microbeam compositional mapping (NIST)

Nebraska, University of - Center for Materials Research and Analysis

P. S. Neeley- detailed site on AO Spencer microscopes

New York University Medical Center - Home Page

Nissei Sangyo Canada, Inc - Home Page

Nottingham, University of - Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis 

North Carolina - Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - Microscopy Services Laboratory

Northwestern University - HREM and Surface Structure Facility 

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Office of Energy Research, United States Department of Energy - Facilities 

Oklahoma, University of - Samuel Roberts Noble Electron Microscopy Laboratory

On Closer Inspection - Tom Webster's web site helping us to enjoy the fascinating world of photomicrography. Also includes a gallery of Jim Solliday's work.

Oncor Inc - Oncor Imaging Products

Open University - Virtual Microscope

Optical Society of America - OSA OpticsNet 

Oris Collection of Microscopes - Oris 

Oregon, University of:
ALEX: SPM Image Analysis Matlab Toolbox
Electron Microprobe Facility, Geological Sciences
The Zebrafish Book - A guide for the laboratory use of zebrafish Danio (Brachydanio) rerio

Oulu University - Institute of Electron Optics 

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Park Scientific Instruments - Park Scientific Instruments

Penn State University - STM in the Weiss Group 

PGT- Princeton Gamma-Tech - Welcome to PGT - Princeton Gamma-Tech

Philips Electron Optics - Philips Electron Optics

Photomacrography.net - a resource for photomacrography imagery and information (sister site to Amateur Photography)

PiXISION Inc - Differential Hysteresis Processing Technology, PiXISION Inc.

Postal Microscopic Society - home page

Purdue University:
Nanoscale physics 
Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories Overview

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Queensland, University of - Nanoworld

Queen's University - Animal virus images 

Quekett Microscopical Club - The Quekett Microscopical Club

Quill Digital and Photo-Graphics - CELLS alive! 

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RetroDiode - designer and manufacturer of the LED retrofit kits for vintage microscopes

Rice University - Croneis Electron Microprobe & X-Ray Laboratories

Rothamsted Experimental Station - Plant virus images

Royal Institute of Technology - Welcome to Physics IV - Physical Measurement and Data Processing 

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SCANDEM, The Scandinavian Society for Electron Microscopy - Home page

Scientific Instrument Commission - scientific instrument trade catalogs

Scientific, Medical and Mechanical Antiques - Home Page

Scientific Volume Imaging BV - developers of the develop the Huygens software which is used for deconvolution, visualization and analysis of microscopic images. They also have a great support section providing background information on 3D microscopy and deconvolution.

Scott Scientific - Scott Scientific

Michael Shaw's - Custom Rheinberg Filters and how to make them

SKS Science - labware, containers and more

Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of Natural History's Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) lab - great collection of images
Scientific Trade Catalogs for Microscopes
National Zoological Park's MICROSCOPE CAM, operational from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time

Barry Sobel's - Antique Microscopce site www.microscope-antiques.com

Soquelec Ltd - Soquelec On-Line

Southern Illinois University - Center for Electron Microscopy

Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation - Micro-Links

SPI Supplies/Structure Probe Inc - Welcome to Structure Probe, Inc. - SPI Supplies/Structure Probe

Stanford University:
Scanning force microscopy, voltage measurements
Volpack, Volume Rendering Software Library

State University of New York:
Multidimensional microscopies and maize structures
Volvis - Volume Visualization System
X-ray microscopy

Sydney, University of - Welcome to the EM Unit 

Swammerdam, Jan - Mathew Cobb's site on Jan Swammerdam.

Swift Instruments Inc - Swift Instruments Inc, Home Page for Educators

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Laboratory for Electron Microscopy

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Tasmania, University of - Central Science Lab 

Texas University Medical Branch - Blocker History of Medicine Microscope Collection

That Gunk On Your Car - A Unique Guide to Insects in The United States

Timo Mappes, Karlsruhe, Germany - excellent photo collection of microscopes and related instruments

Tohoku University:
IMR Sakurai laboratory (STM Group)
Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Sakurai Laboratory

Tokyo, University of - Welcome to Nanometer-scale Manufacturing Science Laboratory

TopoMetrix - Welcome to the TopoMetrix Home Page 

TrippNT Inc - TrippNT, Inc.

Tuebingen, University of - Electron Holography (Prof. Lichte) Working Beyond the Point Resolution Limit 

Tufts University - Jamie Larsen, Verde Valley School, Science Education Projects in Development at the Wright Center - Tufts University 

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Van Vleck's American Artifacts
Antique microscopes
19th Century Microscope Makers

Virtual Laboratories - Welcome to Virtual Laboratories!

Virtual Museum of the History of Mineralogy - home page  

Virtual Museum of Microscopy - home page

Vital Images Inc - Vital Images, Inc. 

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Wales, University of - Department of Haematology : UWCM

WARD'S Natural Science Establishment, Inc. - home page

Washington, University:
Biomedical Engineering Resources

Wild Heerbrugg M20 Microscope site - home page

Wisconsin, University:
Communicating Information about Virus Structure and Biology Via the World Wide Web
Integrated Microscopy Resource

Allan Wissner - antique microscope collector

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Xerox PARC - Nanotechnology

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Yale University:
Center for Cell Imaging
Neuroengineering and Neuroscience Center

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